Chit-chat with Amel Derragui about a secret of success

They say that the power behind any business is PEOPLE. My superpower is online-mastermind – friends from Online MBA.
I invite them here In this series of interviews to drop precious insights that come from our discussions.
I believe these amazing businesswomen will inspire You to take action with YOUR endeavours.
No matter the business = handmade-based or not = You will definitely find there precious ideas worth spreading.

Amel Derragui

Today I introduce Amel Derragui. She’s a business and marketing coach, speaker and podcast host at Tandem Nomads. After a career in advertising, she quit her job to join her husband abroad and launched her first business consulting corporate companies while living on the move.

Six years later, as she saw a critical need to support other expat spouses in finding their own source of fulfillment and financial independence, she launched Tandem Nomads to help them learn how to grow a successful portable business.

Amel often speaks for various international organizations such as the IMF and European ministries of foreign affairs to provide guidance on how to use entrepreneurship as a solution to dual career challenges. Her work is featured in various media such as Forbes Magazine and Global Living Magazine.

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